This truly dynamic and versatile all in one staging solution has a range of benefits.

Set-up times are dramatically reduced, requiring less labour than traditional Marquee or Hokka style staging. Estimated Set-up & Bump Out is under 30 minutes making it ideal for public venues or road closure events where site access and clearance is time critical. It presents so much better visually than a ‘tent stage’, which are predominantly white. The performance area enables a 180 degree view of the artists and provides better audience performer/interaction. There is also plenty of area for event signage.
A Cinema set-up designed for side-of-stage set up will provides a far more stable platform resulting in a better audience experience by resolving wind-bourne screen movement and the added dangers and limitations of inflatable screen systems.

Download the PDF for mobile staging & cinema options HERE: or send an inquiry now via our “contact us” page.